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Cambridge English for Engineering - Mark Ibbotson

AUTOR: Mark Ibbotson
ISBN: 9780521715188
DATUM OD: 2008

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O knjizi:

Intermediate, Upper-intermediate British English A short self-study or classroom course (40-60 hours) for engineers who need to use English in the workplace. Cambridge English for Engineering develops the communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of engineering professionals, enabling them to communicate more confidently and effectively with colleagues and customers. The ten standalone units cover topics common to all kinds of engineering – including civil, electrical and mechanical – such as procedures and precautions; monitoring and control; and engineering design. Authentic activities – from describing technical problems and suggesting solutions to working with drawings – make the course relevant and motivating. The course requires no specialist knowledge on the part of the teacher and comprehensive teacher’s notes are available online. It is also ideal for self-study. Cambridge English for… is a new series of short courses for different areas of English for Specific Purposes. Written for professionals by professionals they combine the best in ELT methodology with real professional practice. Other titles in the series include Job-hunting, the Media and Nursing. Key Features A regular focus on technical and semi-technical vocabulary enables learners to become familiar with and practise using the specialist language they need for work. Authentic texts and realistic tasks help prepare learners for their everyday working lives. An emphasis on listening and speaking helps learners to develop their communicative ability within this professional field. Extra practice material, photocopiable activities and teachers notes available online offer valuable support for teachers and self-study students.