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Rijeka Revisited - Đekić, Velid

AUTOR: Đekić, Velid
ISBN: 9532015914
DATUM OD: 2006

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O knjizi:

Rijeka Revisited is a precise and skilfully written cultural treatise, a cultural and historical essay on Rijeka and its surrounding areas.The literary critic and journalist Velid Đekić reveals the reasons why Rijeka has for a long time been Croatia’s Mediterranean and Central European centre, but also reoccurring concepts which bear witness to her current regional status. Apart form the essay’s part which meticulously articulates previous and current cultural, political, economical and spiritual points, in its ‘more literary’ part, sof-tened in rendition and lucidly improvising, the author introduces us to the bizarre, as well as trivial details which complete a really rare tale of the city.Rijeka Revisited is a book by an author, an archeolo-gist of the city who creatively explains and includes its neglected and unrevived places. It does not surprise then, that this edition about Rijeka also includes implicitly controversial episodes – first of all, the one about the founder of the first fascist state in history, poet and nationalist D’Annunzi – or the perpetual references, un-related to specific occasions, to the torpedo or to an independent State of Rijeka. On more than 200 pages, richly illustrated with 227 photographs, Rijeka Revisited reads as a book with exceptional factualistic and interpretative credibility.