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David Beckham - Beckham, Ted

AUTOR: Beckham, Ted
ISBN: 0752225960

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David Beckham is both a brilliant footballer and a global icon. The slightest story about his life generates huge media coverage, but those truly close to him have never given their side of his incredible journey – until now. Ted Beckham`s story is the ultimate dream of every father who has kicked a football with his son. A lifelong Manchester United supporter, Ted has seen his son David captain both his beloved Reds and England, as well as becoming an inspiration for a generation along the way. Even David Beckham was once an ordinary kid dreaming of making a living out of football, and in this celebratory book Ted Beckham lovingly charts what happened from David`s birth to his move to Real Madrid. This book is special not just because of Ted`s role as the father of a hero, but because Ted has given exclusive access to all the family photo albums and the unparalleled collection of memorabilia he has amassed during David`s career. The book features 300 exclusive images to complement the text, giving a side to David that has never been seen before. David Beckham: My Son will delight his fans, giving a fascinating insight into the early life of David, his ambition and determination to succeed as well as his father`s pride and joy as he watched him grow into a great footballer.