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Life Of Pie: The Key To Rebalancing Your Life - Martin, Ted

AUTOR: Martin, Ted
ISBN: 0595304699
DATUM OD: 2004

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O knjizi:

Life of Pie is unique from all other self help books because it provides a self measurement tool for every major life category, then helps you choose the actions and steps to achieve your desired balance. No matter what your weaknesses are, this book helps you balance them with strengths. In this hectic world, it is easy to find yourself hurtling through life in an out of control fashion, failing to recognize the way you are living. Your life has become reactive as you make it through each day in a barely controlled state of chaos. Everything seems rushed because it is! This book provides you with the structure to get control and achieve the life balance you desire. You can regain the belief that you have a purpose and manage the day instead of reacting to it. You can choose your time intentionally rather than being a victim of muddling through. Live your life proactively versus reactively and you will take back the day. Enjoy the process of regaining control!