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Sex: The Whole Picture - Beland, N

AUTOR: Beland, N
ISBN: 1405077484
DATUM OD: 2005

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O knjizi:

A beautifully illustrated celebration of the delights of good sex-an artful, erotic, responsible guide for adults that will inspire couples to increase the joy and novelty of their lovemaking More than 300 pages of gorgeous, evocative photographs illustrate an extensive and enticing menu of sexual poses, fantasies, erotic games, and sex toys-and form the core of a superb guide that is truly the ultimate how-to for lovers. Unabashedly erotic at the same time that it is authoritative and encyclopedic in scope, this book covers every aspect of sex candidly, explicitly, and responsibly. With the same smart, modern, playful voice that she brings to the most popular column in Men’s Health magazine, “Ask the Girl Next Door,” author Nicole Beland talks freely and frankly about human sexuality, even when discussing matters that might make another person blush. The first part of the book depicts creative, provocative sexual positions and techniques guaranteed to spice up anyone’s sex life. The second section is a comprehensive reference on a wide variety of sexual health topics, including birth control, safe sex, infidelity, inhibitions, and sex throughout the phases of life. Beland believes that we are all entitled to a great sex life, and here she does what she can to make sure we get it-with a tempting variety of ideas for more inspired-and frequent-lovemaking.