Project’s study


We will carry out a pre-study base in the following data:

  • Type of roof
  • Localization geographical
  • Building orientation
  • Roof plan and photograph
  • Available surface
  • New roof or renovation
  • Annual electrical consumption or projected consumption


With your engineer :

  At your request we can :

  • Work together with your engineer to confirm and verify your plans and calculation’s notes
  • Verify the proper execution on-site of the roof installation and the electrical installation (up to the electrical converter)

With our engineer :

We can perform all of your project with our design office.

We study your energy requirement according to the level of construction:

  • Building BBC (low consumption RT2012)
  • Building liabilities (autonomy of consumption)
  • Building BPOS (positive energy)

There will be an energy Balance:

  • Heating requirements
  • Ventilation needs
  • Lighting needs
  • Production hot water needs
  • Apportionment of losses”

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